Mira... a bridge to Nature!
Located very close to the cities of Aveiro, Figueira da Foz and Coimbra, Mira is inserted in the region of Gândara, whose regional identity is proud to keep alive and present in the gastronomy, landscape and a peculiar culture.
Mira guarantees a stay in harmony and direct coexistence with nature. Its main feature, which enchants those who seek it, is to be a territory with a reference environmental quality, the Beach of Mira holds the Blue Flag award, since it began its allocation in 1987, alternating the beach offer with lakes, river, forest and agricultural fields, which can be covered, with full safety, on foot or by bicycle, through a cycle path with more than 20 km and 6 pedestrian routes, in a full conviviality with nature, its people and all the cultural heritage bequeathed by generations.
At night, after a magnificent day at the beach or a luxurious walk through the forests, tasting a grilled fish or a fresh stew brings back the knowledge and the flavor of the ancient cuisines. A peculiar gastronomy that, as you might expect, is intimately linked to the sea and the land.
All the life of the local population, hospitable by tradition, is, by itself, an invitation to a pleasant stay, providing unique moments such as participating actively in sports activities close to nature as BTT Rota das Lagoas (January) and the cross-country races (December to February), ancestral carnival traditions with the Caretos da Lagoa, the Feira dos Grelos (May) the Marches (June), the Feast of São Tomé de Mira (July); International Pigeon Fanciers Championships and Gastronomic Exhibition of the Region of Gândara (September), and also the famous RFM New Year's Eve at the Mira Beach, among other events that already mark regularity in the annual calendar of the Municipality.
So, nothing better than to take advantage of a few days to get to know and live the Municipality of Mira, leaving to discover and living with nature! Mira ... a bridge to Nature!